Are you looking for a missing person? Has one of your relatives been the victim of a crime which has not been solved? Would you like to know what happened to him or her? In the television programme “Psychic Detectives” various psychics try to find missing persons and in several cases there has been a remarkable coincidence between the mediums’ statements and what actually had happened to the person. Unfortunately, psychical researchers have never participated as controls in these programmes. We would like to do something about this. Thus we have established a working relationship with the Danish psychic Lina Rudyte Johansson, whom we have tested and we consider her to be one of the most promising young psychics in the country. Already as a child she had paranormal experiences and since then her psychic powers have developed considerably. She is able to do object-reading (or psychometry) which is a form of psychic reading where the medium is able to obtain details about another through physical contact with the person’s possessions.
If you have a case of a missing person or an unsolved crime, please contact us by email on Denne e-mail adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den.. You don’t have to be physically present; you can just send us a photo of the person you want information about. The reading is free of charge, since it is part of our ongoing research programme, but of course we cannot guarantee that you will get the result you are hoping for.


Painting by Britta Westhausen